Rain Rain Rain

We have been hunkering down from the rain.  I bought a fancy weather station for Christmas.  It mounts on the roof and tracks the wind, rain, and temps, etc and transmits the data to a display in the dining room.  It is pretty neat, especially the rain part.  We had 1.7 inches yesterday measured from Midnight to Midnight.  Our worst day in February recorded 2.26 inches.

I have been making quilts.  I have made 8 since January 1.  I invented a “recliner quilt” that is a personal size, about 46 x 70, that is used whenever one just wants to relax with a book or TV show….OK…book.  I monogram them with the persons initial and also put my initials and date in small letters.  May be they will be kept by the respective family members when I am up enjoying the wonders of heaven.  I got the idea from my grandma who made a family quilt with a family tree on it.  Its been around for about 100 years.  I inherited it and passed it along to my son.  Its actually kind of fun although it doesn’t seem like a very manly thing to do…. unlike rescuing cats.

I bought a small gadget on Amazon that measures the amount of electricity that any given device uses and displays the result in dollars and cents.  You program in the PUD rate per Kwh and it is retained and used for calculations.  To measure something you just plug it into the device and let it operate as normal.  The longer you leave it the more accurate the results.  When you read the display, you get the results in cost per hour, day, week, month, and year.  The results are sometimes shocking.  Oh, its called a “Kill a Watt” by P3 company.

Spring is coming.  We can mow, mow, mow.

The best World Series ever played

It is often called the best World Series ever played. 1960 World Series It was 1960, between the New York Yankees and the Pittsburg Pirates.  The Yankees were highly favored and expected to win.  Indeed, they DID play well, because at the end of the series, the Yankees had scored 55 Runs on 91 hits and the Pirates only scored only 27 runs on 60 hits.  From the totals, it looks like the Yankees ran away with the series and should have won hands down, but they didn’t.  The Pirates won the series 4 games to 3.   I was in the eighth grade at the time and remember some of the surprise and lamenting.  How can you outscore your opponents by more than double and still loose the series?  The lesson for this is: Sometimes it is not how many runs you score but where and when you score them that counts.  You can read about this amazing series here:

1960 World Series.   (http://www.baseball-almanac.com/ws/yr1960ws.shtml)

This game reminds me of the Electoral College and the results of this presidential election and a few others.  People who win, tend to like the Electoral College and people who loose sometimes hate it.  We all have probably scratched our heads and puzzled over it at one time or another.  With the Electoral College, it is not how many votes you score, it is where you score them that counts.  In this election, Hillary may have won the popular vote by a small margin, but she grievously lost the Electoral vote by a large margin.  Now she and her cronies are complaining and begging for recounts.  They are looking for fraud and an example that the election was somehow rigged.  They are threatening some electors and trying to get them to vote for Hillary even if it is against the law.  Some Democrats are rioting in the streets behaving lawlessly.  Hillary is looking for someone to blame and is unwilling to admit that it was her own lack of character that caused a large portion of her base to abandon her.  The name calling continues unabated.  Is this what Democrats are about?  It should not be.

I read this article by Bryan Dean Wright, a Democrat, that sums up the way it ought to be.  Its worth reading.

A Democrat Speaks Out   (https://goo.gl/E9vqmW)


Two skunks

We were skunked yesterday and saw no new mounds to the North so we pulled all of our traps.  Then we noticed two small mounds South of the parking lot and set two traps.

Skunked again today.  Nothing in the two traps.  I did notice one very small mound near the block building and set one more trap there.  We’ll see what happens.  I think we are just about done here.


We got skunked today.  We descended on the property at 8:30 and checked all of the traps.  Nothing.  No only did we catch nothing, but we found only one new mound.  We moved one trap to the new mound and left.  We’ll catch’em later.

Another big one!

I went out today about 3:30 and found that the lone trap in the NW area was tripped.  To my delight, when I pulled it, there was a big juicy mole snagged in the jaws of the trap.  There really wasn’t much new activity.  We’ll see what tomorrow will bring.

Its a big one.

Its a big one.

Whistle Stop Cafe

We hopped on the scooter the other evening and scooted out Yacolt to eat dinner at the Whistle Stop Cafe.  It was a cool ride out there and a cooler ride back home.  Dinner at the cafe was very nice.  It is a family friendly place that has been in business for about a year I think.  I recommend it!

Nice Catch!

I got a note from Brooks this morning saying that there was a mole in one of the traps that he checked.  He left it there for me to see and photograph.  I went out this afternoon and found the little critter and gave him a proper burial.  There was a little new activity to the South West, so I moved the trap over there.  In the front, I noticed some new very large mounds to the west toward the bridge.  I pulled one trap and move it to this new area.

Our first catch of this campaign.

Our first catch of this campaign.

More activity

The moles are really busy.  I went out today at 1:45 to check the traps again even though Brooks had already checked them today.  I found ONE sprung trap and noticed the two new mounds that Brooks had spotted earlier.  I moved two traps to the new mounds and set one additional trap out front by the sign on a new mound that I noticed out there.  So far the score is Moles-3, Tag Team-0.

Sneaky moles

Brooks went out Wednesday morning to check the traps.  He posted this score card:

0 moles caught
2 tripped traps
2 re-set/re-positioned traps
3 new mounds
0 additional traps set
The new mole mounds are in the north lawn area near the playthings.


Setting traps

Tuesday morning, Brooks and I met at Cherry Grove church and walked the grounds looking for signs of life.  We ended up setting 10 traps, mostly to the North.