How do you make a hyperlink?

Open your web browser and browse to the page that you want to link too.  In the address slot of the browser, highlight the address and hit CTRL-C to copy the link.

Now go back to your document in LibreOffice.  Highlight the word or phrase that you want to use as a link hot spot.  For example, in this sentence you could highlight the phrase “go back to your document.”  While it is highlighted, click on Insert. Click on Hyperlink.  Place the cursor in the target slot that is provide and paste the URL into the slot by hitting CTRL-V.  It should look something like this

In the “Frame” slot, you can select _blank (or experiment with the others)

In the “Text” slot, type what you what to see when you point at the link.

You can TEXT the link while in your document.  Simply point to it, hold down the CTRL key and then click.  Your browser should open to the web page that you linked too.  You may have to have your browser open already for this to work….seems a little buggy.

NOTE…. if you want to save a few clicks, you can click on the Hyperlink Icon in the task bar instead of clicking insert, then hyperlink.



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