How to create an HTML file?

Create a document in the usual way  and set it up the way you want it to look.

Save the file the usual way and give it a file name.  You will use this as a backup if the HTML does not come out as you intended.

Now, Click on File.  Click on Save As.  Then observe  the “Filter” slot that is located right under the “Name” slot in the dialogbox. Notice that there is a small arrow on the far right of this slot.  Click this arrow and scroll way down until you find HTML as shown in the picture below.  Make sure your file name shows in the “Name” slot.   Finally, click on the “Save” button that is in the bottom right of the dialog box.

Check your work by opening the file in your favorite browser.  It is a good idea to try several browsers to see how each one displays your file.  If you do not like the results, edit the file and try again.  If it seems beyond repair, load your original file and start over.

Click on the arrow to the right of the slot

Notice that HTML shows in the slot


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