How to make a PDF

Open LibreOffice and create a document in the usual manner, or open an old document.  Edit the document to get it to look exactly like you want your PDF to appear.

Save your file in the usual manner.

To make the PDF, Click on File.  Click on “Export as PDF”.  An option box will appear with lots of tabs and options.  For now, simply click on the “Export” button on the bottom thus accepting all of the default values and options.  When you have time, you can play with all the options to see what they do.  This will open the standard file name dialog box.  Notice that in the “Filter” slot, PDF is indicated.  Place a good file name in the “Name” slot and click on the “Save” button in the lower right corner of the dialog.

Using your favorite file browser (I use Dolphin), navigate to the folder and locate the new PDF file.  Double click on it and view the file with your default PDF reader.  If the file needs more work, then go back to LO, edit the file, and export it again.

Don't forget your file name

See PDF indicated in the filter slot


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