How to number an existing document

Suppose you have a long document that you wrote with LibreOffice Writer (LO) but you forgot to number the pages and now you want to number them.  You can do it.  Here is how.  Take it slow.

  • Open the document
  • Click on Format, then Page, then select the Footer Tab
  • Check the “Footer On” box, then click on “Apply” then click on OK
  • Scroll to the bottom of the first page and put the cursor in the footer area.  This should take one click in that area.
  • Click on Insert, Click on Fields, Click on Other
  • In the Document tab, highlight “Page”
  • In the Middle Column highlight “Page Numbers”
  • In the Right Column Highlight “Arabic”
  • Click on the “Insert Button”
  • Click on “Close”

This procedure will put page numbers in the footer at the bottom of each page.  I tried this procedure with LO documents and also some old documents that were made with other word processors such as Word Perfect 5.1, etc.  Worked fine.


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