Things to Add to Xubuntu 14.04

Xubuntu is great right out of the box, but there are some things that you can add to it to make it a little nicer.  Here is the list of my favorites.  To add things, you will be using the “Ubuntu Software Center.”  Find it in the menu system and click on it.  You can browse for things as you wish, or enter part of the name into the search box.  Don’t go hog wild installing stuff.  Take a hard look at the popularity of the item and the rating.  If an App is both popular and highly rated it is probably good.  If a program is already installed you will see a green check by its name.  When you click on an App you can then read about it, check its ratings, install it, or uninstall it.  Some of the programs below have similar things already install in Xubuntu but these are better.

LibreOffice – This is a must.  It is a full featured substitute for Windows Office. It has a word processor, data base, spread sheet and more.  You can install all or part.  It also reads Windows documents.

Rhythmbox – Itunes does NOT work with Linux.  Don’t waste your time.  Use Rhythmbox or Clementine.  The work better and with a little patience you will learn how to manage your Ipod without Itunes.

Gwen View – Install Gwen View and use it to view and manipulate photographs.

VLC Media Player – You use this fine program to play all kinds of media

Cherry Tree – Use this to store all kinds of important information in a free form database.  It is fast and easy and seems reliable.

Lucky Backup – This program will take a little experimenting to learn how to use it.  It is not really hard but you do have to think about it.  It is a very powerful backup program.  It works fully automatically (once you set it) or manually.  You never even notice it working.  Its awesome.

Shutter – This is an awesome screen snapshot program.  It runs in the background and when you hit a hot key (I use ~) it take a screen snapshot according to the method that you choose.

KeepassX – This is a handy password keeper.  Put all your user names and pass words in this handy file and they are stored in a safe encrypted file that you can backup.  You DO have to remember the password that you establish for the use of this program.

Simple Image Reducer –  If you take a lot of photos and want to reduce them in size really fast, this program is tops.  Not many options but it works great.

Audex – My current favorite for ripping CD’s

That’s enough for now.  Concentrate on getting used to the system.



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