What Works Like?

“I can’t find the start button.”  “What happened to Outlook Express.”  “Why can’t I get into my email acccount.”  “Where are my photographs.”  AAACCCKKKK!!!

Calm down.  Xubuntu is new to you and it is a little different, but give it a try and get used to its features and soon you will like it better than Windows.  Here is short list of things that you use instead of what you used to use in Windows.

Start Button – Use the “Whisker Menu.”  Click the tiny mouse that is located in the upper left corner of the screen.

Windows Explorer – I was cripple at first with out this.  Now I dislike it and favor the alternative.  The built in file browser called “Thunar” is awesome.  It is faster, simpler, and just plain better.  Just click on the “Home” icon and you will find it.

Outlook Express – Gee, do people still use that?   Well if you do, you should use “ThunderBird.”  If it is not already installed, install it using the Ubuntu Software Center.  Thunderbird looks and works similar to OEx but it is way better.

Photoshop – and other such like things.  Use “Gwen View” for light weight work, use “Gimp” for all powerful heavy weight work.

Microsoft Word – Use LibreOffice Writer.  You will like it better, its free, and it works with all your old documents.  AbiWord is preinstalled and is a light weight word processor.

Excel – Use Gnumeric for typical spreadsheets, if you need more power use LibreOffice Calc.  Gnumeric is pre-installed.

Windows Movie Maker – I like to use “Shotwell” or “Kden Live.”  Shotwell is a little buggy so save your work often.  Kden is stable but more complicated with way too many features.

Windows Media Player – There are gobs of choices.  I like VLC player.

Itunes – If you are an Itunes lover, then there is no substitute that will make you happy.  “Rhythmbox” works well with the IPod.  “Clementine” is cross platform and very elegant. Either is a good choice.

Internet Explorer – believe me you are better off without it.  “Firefox” comes pre-installed.  Use it, Love it, Don’t turn back.

Screensaver – Sorry, there is not a quick and easy photo screen saver for Linux.  There are plenty of slide shows etc etc, but you have to start them.

Gmail – and such like.  Use Firefox and go to the usual email web site like you usually do.  For example, www.gmail.com.  Log in with your user name and password.  It should work the same.  Hope you remembered your password.

Picassa – This actually work real well on Linux but setting it up is an advanced technique.  You should first spend some time with “Gwen View” or some other native Linux program and see if that will do…. if not, learn to install Picassa.

If you have some other program that you need to find out about, ask a question in the comments.  I’ll see what I can find out.



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