Cat Rescue

We were blessed to have 58 trees bordering three sides of our small 80×100 city lot.  Most of them were Poplars and over the years they grew to be 120 feet tall.  Then a bad thing happened.  They began to die and I realized that they would have to be removed.  I collected several bids on the job and they were all a lot more than I wanted to pay.  I studied the problem for two years and finally decided to buy some gear and learn how to climb trees and cut them from the top down.  Over the next four years, I worked my way around until now, all the Poplars are gone.  I can’t honestly say I miss them.

During this process Marvin Case who owns the local newspaper heard that I knew how to climb.  One day he called me up and asked me if I would like to rescue a cat out of a tree.  One of his readers had called asking if he knew anyone climbed trees.  He said that if I would rescue the cat, he would put an article on the front page of the paper with photos and everything.  I agreed, loaded up my gear along with a pillow case for the cat and headed out.  The rescue was a great success.  It was fun.  The people appreciated it.  In a few days, the front page article appeared in the paper taking up half of the front page.  That was in 2001.

I have been the Clark County cat rescue guy ever since.  When someone calls 911 to report a cat in a tree, they give out my number. Vet clinics, the Humane Society and the fire department also point people my way.

I usually charge a small fee but I am really in it for the sport.  It is not a booming business.  I rescue about 10 cats a year on average, so if you want to get into this, keep your day job.

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