Dead Cats in Trees

"Rainy" aloft for 7 Days

“Cats don’t need to be rescued!  When was the last time you ever saw a dead cat in a tree?”

I hear that all the time.  My standard reply is, “Well, if you wanted to see a dead cat in a tree today, where would you look?”

There are millions of trees out there and it is very difficult to see a live cat that is perched in a tree, much less a dead one.

I admit, I have never seen a dead cat in a tree either but I did see a dead cat under a tree one day.  Unfortunately I did not have my camera with me that day.  Think about it.  If a cat really did die in a tree, what would happen to him?  Would he just stay there as a permanent skeletal tree ornament until someone came along and removed him?  I don’t think so.  If he didn’t fall out of the tree, he would begin to rot and birds would pick him apart.  There would be nothing left.

Most cats will eventually figure out how to climb down.  It they don’t figure it out soon enough though, they may get too weak and dehydrated to accomplish the feat.  They could fall out of the tree or get frustrated and jump.

Of the cats that I have rescued, the only one that I know for sure would have died had been in the tree for more than 14 days.  It was stuck within 3 feet of the top of an 80 foot tall fir-tree and it had its leg jammed in the fork of a limb so tightly that it could not move from that spot.  A murder of crows was dive bombing the cat and had pecked a hole in its scalp about the size of a quarter.  Another day or so and it would have been a goner.

So, yes, cats do die in trees, but not usually, and you will probably never see a dead cat in a tree.

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