Lost Mittens

Not all cat rescue stories have a happy ending.  I got the call Friday evening and since my Memorial Day weekend plans were canceled, I decided to attempt to rescue Mittens.  Today would be the 14th day that Mittens was stuck way up in a tall evergreen tree.

Upon arriving, her owner informed me that Mittens had stopped meowing and that the last time she heard her was late Friday night.  She said that a group of crows were fussing loudly at the cat and that she was very worried.  The tree had lots of dense limbs and it was impossible to see the cat.  I decided that the only way to know for sure was to climb the tree and search.

I set my rope about 45 feet up the tree and started to climb.  I reached the first limbs about 30 feet up and there were plenty of them.  Leaving my rope, I continued up the tree limb by limb using my lanyards for safety as I ascended.  I watched for the cat at every level and finally arrived at a point within 12 feet of the top.  I could clearly see that the cat was no longer in the tree.

Using my spare rope, I repelled down from the tree.  Judging by the amount of rope I used on my descent, I estimate the climb to have been 100 feet.

When a cat stays in a tree too long, it becomes weak.  Birds can and harass and attack the weakened cat and cause it to fall.  Large raptors can even pluck a cat right out of tree.  We theorize that this cat fell, was dazed by the fall, and ran off into the woods.  Hopefully it will show up on the doorstep after a day or so.

The moral of the story is:  If your cat is stuck in a tree, wait 3 or 4 days to give it a chance to come down on its own.  Then, if there is no progress, get some help.

UPDATE 5-29 – Mittens Returns, see comments.

Tired and hungry, Mittens returns

Mittens is a survivor after all.




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