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Mystery trapper

I stopped by here last week because I was seeing a lot of new mounds creeping in from the SW.  I was going to launch an attach but I noticed that someone else has beaten me to it.  There were two traps set in the heaviest area.  I left them alone.  Good luck to the mystery trapper.

I give up

Well, I admitting defeat by the final mole at the cemetery.  I’ll have to let him grow a little and then try again.

I went out there this afternoon and found one trap tripped and dirt pushed up around another.  Third one untouched.  Odd mole…. he/she stays in this one confine spot and has only 3 mounds……so far.  I was last out there last Thursday, so he had plenty of time to work….. Lazy mole.

Glad Nab

Day before yesterday, I went out on patrol and found this little bugger caught in one of my traps.  It was a happy moment.  He is a small one and was very hard to catch.

For the next two days, I came up empty and moved my traps to two different locations.  I think there is only one mole left and he is a sneaky one that travels long distances around the cemetery.  Probably another small one, judging by the size of the mounds.

I went out today and activity has greatly reduced, but there is one active area where I left 3 traps.  I brought my other 3 traps home.

Number 5 for the cemetery.

Number 5 for the cemetery.


I have been skunked on the last three patrols.  I have moved a few traps around.  There seems to be one well traveled mole left, although you never know for sure till you catch them all.  This one is slippery.

I did not go on patrol today since we went caching all day.  Will check tomorrow.

Nabbed Junior

When out to check traps this evening and I really did not expect to catch

Junior in a pinch.  Number 4.

Junior in a pinch. Number 4.

one.  I just didn’t have that “caught a mole” feeling.  To my delight, the third trap that I checked had nabbed a junior size mole.  It was about half the size of the one that I caught yesterday.  This brings the total to 4 moles.

RIP butt kicker.

Yea!  I got him!  I went out this evening to check traps and I knew right away that I had him.  There DSCF0471were no new mounds in site.  The only question is, “Which trap got him?”

Solved that right away.  The last trap that I set, the one that I moved, made the catch.  Its a big one too.

I pulled all of the traps out of that area and reset them in two different areas.  I think there are at least two more moles, may be three.

Kicking my butt

This mole must be wearing sneakers.  I went out yesterday evening and moved all my traps to the North location where a sneaky mole has been eluding my traps.  I figured that 7 traps set all around his favorite tunnels would

Kicking my butt

Kicking my butt

surly get him.  WRONG.

I went out this evening and to my chagrin, I found the same senario.  There were fresh digs all around and dirt was pushed up around my traps, but nothing was sprung.  I moved one trap and knocked down all the mounds.  Better luck tomorrow.

I pulled one trap to take home and use on a new customer in the garden.

Holy Moley

I went out yesterday afternoon to check traps and discovered this small mole caught right next to Father Howard’s marker.  I though, “Holy Moley!”

Number two for the Zombies.

Number two for the Zombies.

There was lots of activity in the area to the North but no mole caught and no trap sprung.

Today I took the putter out to check traps again and I was skunked.  Lots of activity to the North but no trap sprung.  New activity along the South drive prompted me to move a trap to that area.  A neighbor questioned me about my activities and I had to confess.  When she heard I was chasing moles she wished me luck and asked that I not chase them onto her land.

Today was my 4th trip to the grave yard.  4 trips for 2 moles.


First Blood

I went back to the cemetery today to do my first trap check.  The lawn mowers had been there and mowed down

My first catch.  A big one.

My first catch. A big one.

the whole place.  They ran over and flattened out all my trap sites.  This made it very difficult to find the traps even though I had GPS coords and photos of each site.  I poked around about 40 minutes just finding the traps.  All the traps were sprung by the pressure of the mowers but to my delight one trap had a big bruiser of a mole caught in it.

There were quite a few new mounds so I reset all the traps and moved them to the active areas.  While I was working, the grave diggers arrived and made me move my Jeep which was blocking the drive.  I thought they might inquire about my activities but they did not.  I finished my trap setting a left.

New Project

Yesterday as I was driving by Brush Prairie Cemetery I noticed that there are a lot of mole hill out there among

This is a very old cemetery.

This is a very old cemetery.

the dead.  I though, “How are all those folks going to rest in peace with these critter digging all around them.  I decided to do something about it.

Today I headed out there with my trapping tools and found a plethora of mole hills.  I knocked down over 200 hills (lost count at 150.)   I picked 7 fresh looking mounds and set 7 traps.  The ground here is very nice, sandy, loamy, soil.  It is very easy to dig and the moles obviously love it.  I left with that thrill of optimism that comes from a good day of trapping.  We’ll see what happens as time goes by.