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Long Runner

Earlier this month I caught a “Long Runner” at the church.  I didn’t have my camera with me so I could not get a picture.  He was a very large one.  When I say long runner I mean he first appeared way down by the west entrance and he made a bee line all along the road to the corner of the parking lot.  Then he ventured to the North end of the lot where he made one large mound before coming back to the corner where he stumbled into my trap.  After catching him, all activity ceased.

Mole dies at BPBC

Well I tried to catch this guy in time to make a nice mole stew for the pot luck last Sunday, but alas, I caught him a day late.   He is not a very big mole but a very busy one.

Busy little Mole

Busy little Mole

Mole Action at BPBC

Fall has fell and the moles are back.  We have had 4 hot areas at the church so far.  One in the rear by the fence.  One to the west by the fence.  One way out by the west entrance sign and one over by the tool shed.

I caught the one by the tool shed about three weeks ago, but have been slacking getting after the others.  Well, the other day I decided to load up the traps and get with the program.

Today I hit pay dirt and caught a very large digger by the west fence.  He was a monster;  one of the biggest I have ever caught.  Good thing I got him too because now I have two mole popping up near home and I need the extra traps to keep them from attacking our little piece of the planet.  Where is the camera when you need it.

Mole season is here again

Mole season is here again and we are having a small invasion at the church.

Nice juicy mole

Nice juicy mole

I set 3 traps in 3 different areas hoping to stem the tide of invader.  On the second day I caught this fella.  Smiling with success, I moved two of my traps to a new area where another beast is making inroads on the property.