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Cemetery was dead today.

Well I went out there this morning.  Activity at the cemetery was really dead.

I found that two of my traps were sprung but no moles.  There were no new mounds.  There was one very small pushed up spot, like the beginning of a mound or perhaps just a periscope hump where the mole comes up just to get his bearings.I set one trap there so I have 6 traps set against one mole and I think he is a junior.

New digs

I cruised by the cemetery today to check for new mole hills.  I did see several new mounds, so the game is afoot.  I could not stop and set traps today because the grave diggers were there working on a new plot.  They are pretty good diggers but nothing compared to these little moles.

New activity at the cemetery

I went out to the cemetery yesterday to check for moles and walked the whole plot.  I found fresh mole activity in 4 locations but not very vigorous.  I’ll probably head out there in a week or so and see what I can to to corral the critter.

Sacred Heart Project

I noticed a bunch of mole hills at the local Catholic Cemetery.  It didn’t look like anyone was making an effort to control them, so I decided to take a few traps out there and see what I could do.








Take a look at all those mole hills.  Come to find out all of these hills were made by ONE mole.









After catching this guy, I moved to another area at the other end of the cemetery and caught one more small one that was invading from the south.  Wrapped the whole project up in 4 days of effort.   In two more weeks, the rains washed all of  the dirt back into the lawn and the whole area looked nice once again.