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Two skunks

We were skunked yesterday and saw no new mounds to the North so we pulled all of our traps.  Then we noticed two small mounds South of the parking lot and set two traps.

Skunked again today.  Nothing in the two traps.  I did notice one very small mound near the block building and set one more trap there.  We’ll see what happens.  I think we are just about done here.


We got skunked today.  We descended on the property at 8:30 and checked all of the traps.  Nothing.  No only did we catch nothing, but we found only one new mound.  We moved one trap to the new mound and left.  We’ll catch’em later.

Another big one!

I went out today about 3:30 and found that the lone trap in the NW area was tripped.  To my delight, when I pulled it, there was a big juicy mole snagged in the jaws of the trap.  There really wasn’t much new activity.  We’ll see what tomorrow will bring.

Its a big one.

Its a big one.

Nice Catch!

I got a note from Brooks this morning saying that there was a mole in one of the traps that he checked.  He left it there for me to see and photograph.  I went out this afternoon and found the little critter and gave him a proper burial.  There was a little new activity to the South West, so I moved the trap over there.  In the front, I noticed some new very large mounds to the west toward the bridge.  I pulled one trap and move it to this new area.

Our first catch of this campaign.

Our first catch of this campaign.

More activity

The moles are really busy.  I went out today at 1:45 to check the traps again even though Brooks had already checked them today.  I found ONE sprung trap and noticed the two new mounds that Brooks had spotted earlier.  I moved two traps to the new mounds and set one additional trap out front by the sign on a new mound that I noticed out there.  So far the score is Moles-3, Tag Team-0.

Sneaky moles

Brooks went out Wednesday morning to check the traps.  He posted this score card:

0 moles caught
2 tripped traps
2 re-set/re-positioned traps
3 new mounds
0 additional traps set
The new mole mounds are in the north lawn area near the playthings.


Setting traps

Tuesday morning, Brooks and I met at Cherry Grove church and walked the grounds looking for signs of life.  We ended up setting 10 traps, mostly to the North.

Cherry Grove II

Driving by Cherry Grove Church the other day, I noticed a bunch of mole hills out on the front yard near the sign.  Churches should be on holy ground, not moley ground so I decided to call up the team and start a new campaign.  I went out there by myself on Monday and knocked down all the hills…..lots of them, I also talked to the pastor and obtained permission.

Fresh Meat

I just couldn’t stay away this morning.  I headed over to Cherry Grove to check traps.  There was very little new activity around the yard but I did notice that one of my traps was tripped.

Tripped Trap

When I pulled the trap out of the ground, I found this nice juicy mole.  Big One!!

This make two for January

Mole Season Starting Early

Mole season seems to be starting early this year.  Mole hills are popping up everywhere and the lawn at Cherry Grove Church is no exception.  We went by last Friday and set two traps.  It was very cold out and there was very little activity.

Today we went back and found a big on caught in one of our traps.  There was also lots of more activity so we set 6 traps total and will check them again in a few days.