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Holy Moly, they just keep coming


Number 24 bites the dust.

I went out this morning to check traps.  Brooks was there.  We walked the park and set another trap in the back.  Not much going on back there.  Then we made our way to the front of the park and in the last trap that we checked, we had a nice plump medium size mole.  They just keep coming.  This brings our total to 24 moles.

Skunked again.

Met up with Brooks at the park this morning.  We checked all the traps and found NO mole and very little new activity anywhere.  I think the moles are holed up and trembling with fear.  We’ve gottem on the run.

I pulled three traps that were inactive and left 4 traps in place.   We did plant one extra trap against the mole in the North.  So we now have 4 traps set, two in the front and two in the back.  We’ll see.

No Joy Today

I went out to the park with high expectations knowing that I had 6 traps deployed against a possible 3 moles.  Disappointed.  No moles today.  I set one more trap against the mole in the front of the park where it looked like he was starting a new mound.  I also moved one trap in the back of the park to a more active area.  I also found 3 new mounds that I knocked down.  I think they were just movers heading for new digs.

Corner Mole


Number 23, another big one.

Checking traps this morning, we headed over the the jog in the East fence where I had left 3 traps in a new area.  Sure enough, we caught a large fence riding mole and he was a little stinky so must have nabbed him on Friday.  We found some new activity in two areas and left 6 traps set.  This brings our total to 23.



22 in the far East Corner.

Went out on Friday the 14th to check the traps.  Caught one big mole in the far East corner of the park.  This brings

the  happy total to 22.

No Action

Went out this morning to check traps.  No moles caught today but there was new activity around most of the trap sights.  I did move two traps to better spots were the mounds were fresh.

Number 21

Went out yesterday and found a very large mole caught in one of my traps.  There is

Number 21

Number 21

more activity so I left all 7 traps set in various locations.

I guess out experience at this park shoots down the theory that usually there is only one mole per acre.


Number 22.  A far east lurker.

He’s a whopper

New Invasion

Hit the park this morning at 9 AM.  Moles everywhere.  I set 7 traps against 4 possible moles.  We’ll see what get tomorrow morning.  Brooks showed up late and missed all the fun.

Honda Patrol

I took the Honda out yesterday for mole patrol.  I had 3 traps set but caught no moles.  City workers were mowing the park and had mowed right over two of my traps without detecting them.  That was nice.  I saw no new activity so I pulled all my traps.  I know there are at least two, maybe three, moles out there.  I’ll gett’em next week.


Mole patrol, 9 AM.  I checked the one remaining trap from yesterday and found it undisturbed.  No action in the area.  I think the mole moved further North.

Heading North on the trail, I found a tiny mound along the way and set a trap there.  We’ll see.  Then I kept going north, left the trail and crossed over to the northern most trail at the back of the park.  I found some new mounds there so I set one trap.  I now have 3 traps set against two possible moles.  We’ll see what tomorrow brings.