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Fast Catch

I think this is a record for me.  I set out three traps in my next door neighbor’s yard to catch a new mole that recently started his campaign of tunneling terror.  ONE hour later, I was walking by and notice one trap was tripped.  I looked again as saw that two were actually tripped.  “Wow!  I got him!”, I thought.  I pulled the traps and there was no mole.  He had escaped two traps.  A sly fellow indeed.

I reset the traps and went my way.  About THREE hours later, my neighbor’s son in law came to visit and I went over to warn him of the traps.  He wanted to see them so we sauntered over to where they were set.  To my surprise, one was tripped.  I pulled it out and there was a big mole freshly caught and still squirming.  I had to whack him with my shovel to end his struggle.  Ewww.


Steve catches a big one

I got an excited phone call from my friend Steve today.  He told me that he had just caught a big mole this morning that weighed in at 5.8 Oz.  He caught two the other day that were 4.1 Oz.  This could lead to a new practice of weighing our catches.  Where can I buy a portable scale?

Another one bites the dust

5.8 Ounces! A Big One

Pest next door

I have been watching for a mole to appear next door for two months now.  He has been lurking

Bigger than I expected!

Bigger than I expected!

two houses down and finally on Friday, he tunnelled his way over to my neighbor’s lawn.  I set 3 traps in likely places.

Checked traps yesterday and to my delight…..I nabbed him without a big battle.  Poor little guy should have known better than to venture under the fence.

Way to go

I caught one yesterday after two days of stealthful-like trapping. It was huge. May get it mounted. Persistance pays off. If you need help, let me know.

Sometimes the little varmints have THREE tunnels using the same exit hole to push out dirt. Double check. You may have to move your trap around a bit. Or, follow one of the tunnels out about a foot, or so, and place a trap. They’re cagey.

Mole stew? Yuk!

I’m having a hard time convincing my neighbor to trap his moles. He keeps shoving some kind of poison bomb into the tunnels. Something he bought at Wilco in B.G. Says he’s killing ’em. But next day, more dirt mounds. Yet he won’t set traps. He’s stubborn, but maybe one day he’ll get the message. I keep working on him.

Finding a main Tunnel

Before setting the trap, the first thing to do is…

Find a Main Tunnel

If you’re not certain which molehill is the newest, or where to begin, then knock down or remove all the mounds of dirt and wait until a new one forms.

Then the first step in setting a mole trap is to locate the main tunnel. Removing the dirt from a discharge mound, finding the hole from which the dirt came, and feeling into the hole with gloved finger to determine the direction from which the mole came is how you find the tunnel. Once that’s determined, shovel a spade full of earth about eight to ten inches away from the exit hole in that same direction. With a little exploration, the main tunnel can be found.

Generally, the main tunnel will be found less than a foot to one side of the exit hole, and about eight inches below the surface of the ground. This generality will apply to about 80 percent of moles.

Some tunnels are much deeper, 12 to 15 inches below the surface, or sometimes even more. And some are closer to the surface.

And some tunnels are directly below the exit hole rather than at an angle.

Whenever the exploratory “feeling” process to determine the direction of travel in the exit hole fails to be successful, try digging at the hole itself.

Sometimes this digging process fails to identify the main tunnel. In that case, move elsewhere. Don’t waste time and energy setting a trap in a questionable or uncertain location. It’s better to find a good location, even if that means waiting.

More, later.

The Best Solution

For years, moles were tearing up my yard and garden. Believe me, I know how frustrating it is to have those pesky critters pushing up dirt mounds everywhere.

I tried just about every concoction I could get my hands on. Nothing worked. Until I decided to get rid of moles the old fashioned way. Trapping. Nothing works better. And, to me, it’s pretty easy. And I sleep better knowing I’m on top of the problem.

If you’ve got a better solution, I’d love to hear about it.

Next entry to this little forum, I’ll tell you what kind of trap I found works best.

The Best Trap

As I mentioned in the last posting, the only effective way to gain control over moles – even temporarily – is with the use of traps. There are several types available, but, in my humble opinion, only the scissor trap is best for most applications.

After a bit of practice, you’ll find that scissor traps are easy to set. They’re available at most hardware and farm equipment stores.

In a few days, I’ll discuss how to set and place traps.