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How to transfer a file using Filezilla

I am assuming that you have used site manager to successfully connect to your site as explained in the previous post about connections.

Start FZ.

Click on File, then on Site Manager.  Select the site on which you wish to work and click the connect button at the bottom left of the dialog box.  You should see activity in your status panel and soon you should see the contents of the server in the UR window and LR window.  The contents of YOUR computer should show in the UL window and the LL window.  The lower activity panel should contain nothing.

If you made a bookmark for this site then click on bookmarks and then click on the name of your bookmark.  The four windows should snap to the folder locations that you have pre-selected.  If you did NOT make a bookmark, navigate to the proper folders so that each window shows exactly what you want it to show…. make a bookmark for future use.

Now lets make some transfers there are several ways to do it but here is the most basic way.

Find a file in the LL window (this is your computer.)  DOUBLE CLICK one time on the file…. it instantly begins to transfer to the server.  You should see activity in the Status panel and in the Activity Queue panel.  If you saw RED lines scroll by then something went wrong.  The last line of the Status Panel should read “File transfer Successful.”

Easy as pie.

You can continue one file at a time or you can highlight a whole bunch of files, then RIGHT click on them and select upload.  Keep and eye on your Status panel for success or failure.  If you do a big stack of files, you should see them pile up in the Activity Queue.  If you have a very large file, other files will have to wait in the queue for the large one to transfer.   They actually go one at a time.  You do not have wait for them to transfer…. you can stack large amounts in the queue and go eat a sandwich.  When you come back, you can check the status panel for errors.  Scroll up and down in the status panel to view the results of each transfer.

If you double click on a file TWICE, you will get an “overwrite dialog” that contains a bunch of options.  This appears because the first time you double clicked, the file transferred, and the second time you double clicked you are attempting to copy over the file that you just copied.  This is no big deal, just don’t let it scare you.


Be careful now!!  If you want to remove a file from the server, find the file in the LR window, RIGHT click on it and select delete.  This does not remove the file from YOUR computer, only the server.  You can do the same for your computer if you like, but deleting IS deleting so be careful.  Remember, YOUR computer is on the LEFT, the server is on the RIGHT.

How to Install Filezilla in Kubuntu 13.10

Click on the  K menu button, click on system,  click on “Muon Discover (Software Center)

Muon Discover Software Center

Muon Discover Software Center

When the software center opens, type “Filezilla” in the search slot….  the program name should then appear in the list box.

Click on the “Install” button and it should install automatically.  When it is finished, you will find it in the Internet section of the K menu.  In the photo below, I show a “Remove” button because Filezilla is already installed.  If I clicked on “Remove” the program would be removed.



How to access an FTP site using FileZilla

Click on File/Site Manager (a box opens)


Click on “New Site” and immediately type a name for the site.

In the Host slot type (use the actual name of your server here)

Leave Port blank

Leave Protocol and Encryption alone…no change

Logon Type: Change this to “Normal”

User: My_user_name  (put in the actual user name for the account)

Password: Put your password here

Your dialog box should look something like this, only use your own vital data, not mine.


(NOTE:  After you have successfully connected to each of your web sites and given each a unique name, the sites will show as a list in “site manager.”  In the future, you can click File, then Site Manager, then highlight the name of your site and click connect.  You do not have to fill out the data every time.)

Click on connect….

The image below is your status window.  If in the status window you see a RED message like this, then your connection data is wrong.  Check your user name and password and other details.  You are NOT connected.


If you are REALLY CONNECTED then FZ should look like this.  (By the way, you can double click this image to make it bigger.)


The wide panel at the top is your connection status window.  The upper left window of the following four shows the FOLDERS on YOUR computer.  The lower left window shows the CONTENTS of the folder that is highlighted.  The upper right window shows the FOLDERS that are on the REMOTE computer (the server.)  The lower right window shows the contents of the highlighted folder.  The wide panel at the bottom is the activity queue and shows the actual transfer activity.  It will scroll information about whatever transfer is taking place and it will show a list of items waiting for their turn to be transferred.

You can adjust the size of the four windows to suit your taste.  I like for them to be almost the same size, the lower ones being a little larger than the upper.

Now you need to “navigate” to the folders that pertain to the site that you are working on and bookmark them.  On the left upper window (UL) navigate to the folder that contains your work…. in this example I have a dummy folder called pvcworkshop.  When I finally get it highlighted, the contents will show in the LL window.  The UR window may contain folders or it may not.  If it does not, that is ok, that simply means that all of the contents of your website are in one place and should show in the LR window.   That is true in this example.  When you have all the windows showing exactly what you want them to show… click on Bookmark, then click on Add Bookmark, and give it a meaningful name.  In the future, you can click on Bookmark and then click on the name of the bookmark that you made, and all of your windows will snap to the correct locations.  You can have as many bookmarks as you like, but keep it simple, and delete bookmarks that you are no longer using.  (Use “Manage Bookmarks” to delete and otherwise adjust bookmarks.)

We still have NOT actually transferred anything….lets do that in another post.

DISCONNECT from the site before you close the FZ program.  In the toolbar at the top of the screen click on the little icon that has the RED X on it and that will disconnect you.   Another way is to click on Server, then Disconnect, or just hit CTRL-D.

Repeat this connection process for each of your sites so that in “Sight Manager” you have a list of all of your sites.  If you get rid of a site, delete it from sight manager to avoid confusion.