Gator Snacks

I can’t say that I remember this incident, but the story is one of my favorite family tales.  According to my mother, this is what happened.

When I was a baby, the family resided in a small house on St. Petersburg Beach.  Back then, the beach was a much wilder place than it is today and Florida gators (not the football team) roamed pretty much where ever they wanted too.

I was young, somewhere between one and two.  It was a nice day and Mom left me playing in the back yard while she went inside to tinker in the kitchen.  She watched me on and off through the kitchen window as she went about her duties.  During one of her off minutes, a large alligator crept into our back yard and was slowing stalking in my direction intending to have ME for lunch.  When Mom looked out the window again, she saw the gator approaching and she did what any good mother would do.  She grabbed a broom and ran outside waving the broom and pitching a hissing fit.  A couple of whacks on the head and she had that 20 foot long gator on the run.

As the gator dove for cover, Mom grabbed me in her arms and escaped to the kitchen.  The gator never returned for a 2nd round and Mom declared herself the victor.

Now I’m not too sure about the actual length of that gator.  Over the years, it seemed to grow as the story was retold.  20 feet sounds pretty good to me so I’ll just leave it there.  Whatever the length, my Mom was the hero of the day and I was saved from becoming a gator’s snack.



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