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I urge you to try “theWord” free Bible research software.  I have tried all of the free Bible programs and a few of the ones that cost money and I must say that “theWord,” by Costas Stergiou is the best.  Of course, this is my opinion but I have been using Bible software since 1986 and as far as I am concerned, this one is the keeper.  I won’t bore with a description of all the features, you can try it and see for yourself.  I will simply tell you my two favorite features.

1.  It is very portable.  I use several different computers so I keep my copy of “theWord” on a USB thumb drive.  Moving it from one computer to another is as easy as pulling out the thumb drive.  You don’t have to use it like this but for me it is wonderful.  It even works on my laptop that runs on Linux.

2.  It is very easy to design and publish your own Bible study modules that integrate with the program.  If you are a Bible teacher, this is very handy.  You can have a module with your own notes and outlines.  You could even write your own commentary.

To visit “theWord” website now, click HERE.

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