Dr. J. Vernon McGee

Get on the Bible bus with Dr. J. Vernon McGee.  With written permission, I converted the entire five-year Bible bus series into Ipod (M4B) audio book format.  You download this complete series right here.  If you do not have an Ipod or Iphone,  you should be able to find an app that will play the files for you on your computer or device.

If you have an Ipod, the advantage is significant.  When you play a book file, the Ipod automatically bookmarks your place so that you can come back another day and start where you left off with no searching.  If you are tired of listening, you can hit Shuffle Music and none of your Bible lessons will be played, only your music.  Then when you return to the book, it will be right back at the place that you left off.  That is cool.

When you click on the link below, you will be directed to a menu of file.  RIGHT click on any of the files, then select “Save link as” in order to download the file.


CLICK HERE to download program files now.

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